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Wines of the World

Basically, what characterizes the wines' new world is the geographic localization where they come from. Breaking the ancient wine culture, localized in places such France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. It would be correct to say that the "Wine World" can be divided in two important poles: above the parallel 30, the northern hemisphere, places the Old World Wines, and under this parallel, is where the New World is.

The wine of the new world is claiming its place in the world market due to the quality of its products and, historically, the countries that make part of the new world are those ones discovered by European colonizers, since the XV century: U.S.A. (California), Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Australia, new Zeeland, South Africa.

When talking about new world wines as the final product itself, we can highlight that they are less hampered by the hard legislations and traditions so common in the old world. The new world wine has as characteristic a delicious and fruity flavor which is made to be a younger drink. In fact, the modern man prefers and enjoys these wines more than the traditional ones which are more robust and must be drank after a certain time period.
The climatic and soil differences require specific ways of planting, conserving and grape production. According to this idea, some varieties adapt better to this or that region, but all of them have conditions to produce and develop very good wines.

If we take a historically look to the past centuries, we will realize that Europe always dictated rules regarding to finesse, culture and nobility. This way of conduce the occidental culture involved the wine culture as well. The concepts and etiquettes established by European culture helped wine adorers to get more distant, in spite of making them to feel comfortable to enjoy this delicious tradition.

The emergent countries are changing some old-fashioned concepts regarding wine, creating very reliable wines, according to the consumer preferences, while the old world try to keep their values and thoughts, never giving the correct value to the modern ways of making wine.

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