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Pasta, pizza and pepperoni
Post on 30-09-2006.
Tuscany is one charmed land, equally blessed by the genius of man and nature. It is the land of the plentiful - wines, vegetables and hence, wonderful fresh vegetables and wine.
Striving to bring the flavour of such cuisine, Sartoria at Vasant Kunj hosted the Tuscany Food Festival - the cuisine of the Renaissance. The menu was as Italian as one could get - loads of pasta, fresh herbs and vegetables and treated ...
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You’ll get what you pay for in pinot noir
Post on 30-09-2006.
But when people started buying it by the truckload, winemakers started turning it out by the trainload. And the result was the market was flooded with cheap chardonnay that didn't taste very good.
And then America discovered merlot. And now the shelves are filled with bottle after bottle of merlot, and finding one good one is harder than ever. Cheap ones tend to taste like they're made of wax fruit. For real ...
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