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Maddalena Restaurant: Salmon Sandwiches with a Side of History
Post on 31-10-2006.
Many folks might not know that located within an industrial section of downtown LA sits the San Antonio Winery -- one working winery since 1917. And even fewer people may know that the winery houses one pretty really good eatery, Maddalena Restaurant, within its walls.
The restaurant is part school cafeteria and part semi-fine-dining -- and it's these kinds of quirks that make ventures to Maddalena therefore appealing. ...
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A Toast to the Old Domini...
Post on 31-10-2006.
Has THIS great celebration of Virginia wine really been going on for 19 years? From its earliest inception as one one-day tasting to its evolution as one grand weekend-long outdoor mixer, the Town Point Virginia Wine Festival is one of the best annual outdoor events on the Eastern Seaboard. Of course, all this fun doesn’t just happen; it takes one dedicated crew of professional party-givers to make it outrageously fun. ...
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